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Buying & Selling Residential Property

The home is generally the most valuable asset a person will own. Buying and selling the home should therefore be undertaken with the assistance and guidance of a lawyer/solicitor or a legal executive who is experienced in the buying and selling of property (conveyancing). Having a lawyer/solicitor or legal executive check an agreement, preferably before it is signed, may help avoid problems arising at a later stage.

Doing your homework when looking to buy a property is absolutely important. While a house can be and look brand new, sometimes what you see is not the problems that are lurking behind the flash exterior or interior of the property. A check of the local council records (LIM search) and builder’s reports may help identify any potential or actual problems with a property. What about the title of the property, are there any actual or potential problems with the title? Do I qualify for Kiwisaver, how do I go about getting a loan, what do I need to look out for in an agreement, how should the property ownership be shown, jointly or tenants in common? These are questions that a lawyer/solicitor or legal executive will be able to guide you through. A problem is best dealt with by not letting it become your problem.