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A will simply records what a person wants to happen to his or her property in the event of his or her death and, what is to happen to his or her body. Sometimes, the latter may be more important to family than the property owned by a person.

Making a will is all part of planning and can be as simple or as complicated as the circumstances dictate. A properly drafted will, will make it easier for those left behind in that the wishes of the deceased are clearly set out.

Wills should be reviewed when a client’s circumstances change. Marriage or Civil Union, separation, dissolution of marriage or civil union, children, death of an executor and any beneficiary are all situations when an existing will should be updated.

Wills can be challenged after the death of the will maker. It is therefore important to make sure that wills are drafted properly to avoid any possible challenges. To encourage clients to make or to update their wills, we offer a special price for the drafting or updating of straight forward wills. At the time of making a will it is wise to consider other matters such as preparing a Power of Attorney or to look at the ownership structure of property – otherwise referred to as Estate Planning.